April 3, 2013

My Pizza Addiction

My reason to live really is my kids. Even though currently, they are really testing my sanity. But sometimes I think that God put me here to love Pizza.
Wednesday nights can get a little chaotic. The kids have AWANAS and I have Bible Study. I generally get home around 4:30, and would be able to get dinner done before church. Tonight, I just didn't feel like cooking, so I ordered a pizza. I was introduced to Casey's pizza as a teenager, when my family lived in a small town that didn't have a pizzeria. I learned to love it. When we moved back to our current city, we didn't have access to Casey's Pizza. I LOVE pizza. Pizza is easy, pizza is quick, and under most circumstances, I don't really have to lift a finger for pizza. The downside to pizza, though, at least in our household, is it's "gassy". Pizza is greasy. Grease equals gas in a CFer.
For a normal meal, Corban would take 4 enzymes, and that would be enough. For pizza, I typically give him 5 just to help counteract the grease. The good thing is that most times it works great. It seems that as days go by, I can find a million things to add a notch on the "Things I Despise About CF" rack. I hate that foods that I absolutely adore, give my son a tummy ache. I hate that the tummy ache means he'll have gas. I hate that I have to rub his tummy at night to help him sleep, or he'll never be able to sleep. I purely hate CF.
I love my children.
Although, quite off topic, I think they're intentionally trying to drive me insane. It's an hour before it's time for church. The boys are screaming and throwing things, and my daughter is BUGGING me about making scarves with old t-shirts. I don't think she quite understand that there are criteria that has to be met before we can do such a thing, like the shirt needs to be cotton...not spandex, or polyester. I can't wait until bed time tonight....SILENCE. Yes, that is what the Dr. ordered.

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