February 12, 2014

My Inspirational Ink

Since the day my first child was born, I knew I wanted tattoos to always remind me of them. My ink interest started young though. It must be genetic because my brother is into it too!
My first ink was placed February 28, 2007. I picked something I liked. Something I thought I knew the meaning of. I don't know if it means what I thought. I'm actually afraid to find out. On the trip home from the appointment, my husband (then boyfriend), bet me money I was pregnant. I just knew I wasn't. Boy I'm glad I didn't take that bet. Because I was. What I didn't know was where life would take me.
The day Corban was diagnosed, I knew that my next ink would be something symbolic to this new journey. It took me 6 years to get there, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not finished. So after years of being sure that I wanted Corban's newborn foot print being held by a purple ribbon on top of my foot with the words Cure Cystic Fibrosis placed along the length of my foot, I set my sights on finally getting my CF Ink.
One day, while browsing Pinterest I came across a tattoo that just stuck with me. It was simple, yet "elegant".  I knew it was the one the moment I saw it. I remembered years back, and my father and my brother had the family crest put on their arm. I didn't take part though they asked. So I asked my Dad to share this with me. After several times of asking he finally agreed. So just after Thanksgiving, we committed and went to get it done. So my father, my step-mother and myself all share a special tattoo. We had the word Breathe tattooed in the infinity symbol. Jackie and I got it on our left wrist and Dad got it on the top of his hand.
I have so many more in mind for awareness, for memories, for myself. I can admit that I too, fell victim to the one is never enough trap.
So in honor if my inked friends everywhere...here are the two tattoos I have. Even if the first one doesn't mean what I thought it did.

January 31, 2014

It's about time I get better at this

I have seriously dropped the ball here. Maybe I'd have a better handle on life if I actually used the outlets available to me.
Corban has been doing well. We still have bouts with his DIOS. Latest being last night. We have made it halfway through winter and he's only caught pink eye, and a 24 hour bug. He has lost two teeth and has two more loose. They may end up being pulled if they don't come out soon. The adult teeth aren't just shoving them out. Bot surprising since they've been knocked loose 3 times in the last 3 years lol. 
It's coming up on follow up time for his polyps and sinus surgery 2 years ago. March we'll go have a visit with the ENT to see if his polyp warrants removal yet. But before that, we'll have c.f. clinic. Or is it after? I forget.
Something I think someone should develop..odor eaters for little boys. Holy stinky toes.
I'm going to try and get better with this!
Help me with some ideas, what would you like to see here?