June 24, 2013

Long time..

Wow. Its has been almost 3 months! Oh my. A lot has gone on. I just got too busy trying to keep everything together, and my focus ended up on life.
The great news is that Corban made it to Kindergarten!! We were worried he wouldn't get to go. But somehow, we pulled it off. He is still behind in a couple of spots, but his teacher felt that he would pick that up quickly once school was back in session. My main concern with school now is a) paying for it..and b) covering ALL of our CF bases. He will be a full day student this year. And i peaked at the prices this year...70$ for the prepackaged supplies for my two school age kids, plus enrollment which is ever climbing. I may need a summer job just for that. Lol!
We have reached the summer time heat and humidity. Which does NUMBERS on Corban...he is having all the congestion, chest pain, and cough. But today we come along with the tummy ache for the last 4 days. And he says his stools are "red" which means its more orange. So I'm just questioning if we're maxed out at our enzyme dose. Or if there's a little more to it.
My daughter will be 9 next week. She is really trying me. Just constantly pushing buttons and testing limits. Perfect example is that she chose not to share computer time tonight and sat on it for two hours. When she was told each time to switch, she would let Corban play for a minute or two and then take it back. Well now she is whining that she doesn't get to play and "when is it gonna be my turn?" It's not. You took your time. Now it's Corban's. I haven't been sleeping well, and my nerves are just shot.  I will freely admit that I am probably not handling things in the best way possible. But I am definitely trying. And I'm going to bed EARLY tonight.
So..my fellow CF parents...what tips do you have for a parent going into a full day school year for the first time? What are some things you had to make sure you had in line for the teachers, office staff, etc.?