October 11, 2013

6 years..where did it go?

It's October 11, 2013. I know to most people that's nothing significant. However, for our family...it marks the beginning of chaos. In a good way.
Daddy's birthday is October 10. In 2007, we had a simple celebration, stayed up a little later than normal...the next day i was scheduled to take maternity leave at work after a 3 hour shift. Little did I know, I wouldn't be making it to that shift.
I woke up very early on the 11th, with a belly ache. I just figured it was from being too active, so I went to take a hot bath, and relax. I looked at the clock, 4:32 am. I managed to lay down a little longer but had Sears coming to work on my stove around 8. When Courtleigh got up she had a fever. My brother in law showed up with his truck for my husband to work on, so needless to say it was already a might bit chaotic. I knew I was probably in labor. I also knew that the contractions weren't consistent and that Courtleigh NEEDED to go to the dr. So I called my mom. i told her I wasn't comfortable taking her alone just in case. But when we got to the dr's office she told the doctor "she's in labor and won't admit it."
We made it back, Courtleigh had a rough cold starting. Well stove repairman and brother in law show up by then and I decided to say something to hubby. Around noon Mom took Court, and Matt and I headed to the hospital. They wanted to send me home, we lived 45 minutes away I begged them not to. Well their hour deadline came and went quickly and by the time they made it back, congratulations you're not going home. We got a room made a couple calls, and got ready for the show. Soon i was given the option of pitocin or breaking waters. I opted for an epidural and breaking of waters. This is when we learned that Corban had "cured his own ecogenic bowel". The dr's worried he'd inhaled the meconium and warned us about it. It was about 9 pm. I napped a little, begged for food a little, napped some more and finally around 1:15 a resident came in and said they were gonna get ready. Well, by getting ready she meant get the show on the road. So I did what had to be done and before my OB could make it in the room we had a third visitor. Corban Matthew was born October 12 at 1:37 am. He had his lungs suctioned, a bunch of tests done, and they handed him to me. He was perfect. his nails had grown into his skin but i trimmed them later. For ten short days we simply got to enjoy our baby. Then he got sick.
He started a nasty cough. I took him to the pediatrician on my birthday, where we found out that in the time he should have been gaining a pound  he had lost nearly a pound and a half. The woman told me there was NO WAY this baby had Cystic Fibrosis (i knew i carried it) that he was sick because I brought him home to a sick sister. I did finally convince her to order the sweat test and at 12 days old we were told he was "suggestive positive" with 112 milliequivalents per milliliter (mEq/L). At 60, it's considered a diagnosis. October 28, he had blood work drawn to confirm what we already knew. Corban had Cystic Fibrosis. 2 more weeks later in November we knew his genes. Delta F 508, the most common mutation, and Delta I 507. This one is more rare. Confirmation. He was diagnosed with EPI, which is basically Pancreatic Insufficiency. It doesn't work. Our baby wasn't even a month old and was on medication every time he ate.
In 3 and a half hours, my Corban will be 6. Tomorrow he'll have a party with all his friends.
For me...I have always wondered why God picked me. Why did He think I was worthy? But the thought occurred to me, had he been born just ten years earlier, his chances of surviving to 6 were HALF what they are now. And 20 years earlier, his chances would have been considered nil, as the average life expectancy was 3. God didn't just pick me. He picked when, where, who.
As I tucked my 5 year old into bed tonight, I was reminded that he was made special..just for me. Nobody else on this Earth could have been his Mommy but me. And I rejoice, because I have one of the most loving little boys. He may have the stinkiest feet in the world, crusty socks, salty kisses, and sometimes a lot of gas to share..but He. Is. Mine. And I love every fiber of his being. Right down to that pesky mutated CFTR gene.
Happy 6th Birthday tomorrow, Corban. I love you to the moon and back.