April 16, 2013

Who Has the Positive Strep Test?

That's right. MY kid.
Corban was sick last week, Tuesday and Wednesday. He bad complained of his neck hurting but in that typical mom fashion of mine I chalked it up to sleeping weird. He is my weird sleeper.
Well today when I got home from work one of the first things he said was "My neck hurts." In a groggy almost tear filled voice.
As luck would have it, our doctor's office is open until 6. So we go racing into town (a 45 minute drive) to make it in time. Corban is tortured by the throat culture every time we go to clinic. Well since the glands are swollen behind his throat they wanted a swab. I had to hold him down. He got mad at me of course and his tears broke my heart. However when the Dr walked into the room and said "so..who has the positive strep test?" I was thankful I held him down. Apparently my children didn't get my strep genes. When I was a kid and got strep, I would complain of a sore throat and spike a fever. Not. My. Kids. No fever. No sore throat. Just straight on to all the 'side effects'. My daughter got the rash. Corban gets the gigantic lymph nodes.
Antibiotics can be our friend. I'm only happy that its just strep. I was afraid it would be much more.

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