April 16, 2013


I know we all know about the tragedy in Boston yesterday. I know that we're all in an uproar about it. I know that it was wrong, and that I am so mad about it, you could probably compare me to a tornado... I. am. Livid.
What in the world?! My husband was telling me some of the things he was hearing on tv. I followed it a bit yesterday. Up until the point that I found out an 8 year old had been killed. Then I was devastated and even more angry. Then this morning, on one of the briefings from CNN, i saw an article that was something like "what we know". In another area, I saw that there was a 2 year old injured. And then I read, that the 8 year old boy's mother, and sister were injured. His sister was 6. Corban's age. The 2 year old...Rylan's age. and the 8 year old...my daughter's age.
This floors me. I know that terrorists don't care who they hurt, whose life they take, and they feel no remorse. But in my heart..I'm thinking who ARE you!? How dare you!?  I want to take from them. I want to hurt them like they've hurt others. I want them to FEEL what that father feels. I want them to FEEL what other families are feeling! HOW DARE THEM!
I know..I know.. they're terrorists. They didn't care about a single person when they flew the two planes into The World Trade Center, and one into the field in Pennsylvania. They didn't care enough even about their own families, and took their own lives. I get it. I really do. They will never show remorse. But just like the man responsible for the theater shooting in Colorado, and the shooting in Arizona, or Newtown (which hit me hardest.) someone is responsible for this tragedy. And my soul wants them to pay for it. I know that they will.  Just not likely on our terms.
This is why, my friends, on more than occasion I have considered homeschooling my children. This is why I HATE watching the news, this is why I'm so paranoid about where my kids and who they're with. In my mind, they're safest with me.
I am outraged, by this mindless act. And all those people commenting on the local news story, "falseflag" and all that junk...falseflag this. PEOPLE FREAKING DIED. WHO CARES about whether it's a conspiracy. Some stupid facebook page that was "created friday", or whatever other stories you can come up with. Please stop. SHUT your fingers up, keep your nasty comments to yourself (much like Westboro can do) and let people grieve. They need to. Your nasty, hateful comments will do NO JUSTICE to the fact that three people lost their lives. One a little boy...How would you feel if someone took your little boy away? How would you feel if someone wrecklessly took your wife, and your son, and your daughter and hurt them? Would you be angry? You bet. Would you hurt? You bet. Would you want justice? YOU. BET.
Yep, this post isn't helping anyone. It's not giving you knowledge, it's not teaching you a lesson, it's not anything. It's a giant rant, from a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. Have compassion. Love people. Help people. Do the right thing.
Guys, all I'm saying is.... this is getting old. I heard a joke once, about a father and his kids in church. The kids are giggling and the dad whops one on the back of the head and says "Hey. God don't think stuff's funny." Folks...God doesn't think this is funny. God is crying tears just like the rest of us. His broken heart, out on his sleeve, just being trampled by careless, idiotic acts of nonsense. And this isn't about guns, it isn't about banning this and that. I just want to yell at the people who have said "well when are we going to ban bombs, and backpacks, and hoodies? when are we going to ban  *insert whatever here*. Nothing change. It will all remain the same. Violence, vigilance, and tragedy. That's what the world has come to in less than 100 years. It won't last much longer folks. Not at this rate.

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