April 10, 2013

I hate CF..

I really really hate CF. Corban has been sick. He got sick Tuesday morning. Stomach upset, fever, chills, vomiting, headache. All of these things combined make him a sleeper. He just sleeps when he's sick. Really doesn't care to be snuggled or anything. Makes me sad.
He hasn't felt like eating, which is bad. He hasn't felt like drinking, which is bad. No dehydration needed, no weight loss needed. We can't afford it. His health can't afford it.
Today, I took the day off because we had a freak "spring storm". I'm not sure how this was a spring storm..since there is currently ice everywhere... but hey, you take what you can get. Anyway, those storms had some crazy lightning. Which woke Corban up. He kept me up a long while just talking. Telling me wonderful stories, talking about God and how He makes the rain and clouds. Reminding me how I always say that thunder is just God saying hello. But you know what o got from all of that? Snuggle time with him. He has reached a point where I'm doing well to get a kiss in the morning before I leave. Snuggles don't happen. But last nights snuggles rolled over to today. We spent the morning curled up together on the couch watching The Lion King. Rylan even joined us.
As I laid there with him though, I thought " what would I do if I didn't have this?" If God never gave me my kids what would I do? Courtleigh is very independent. Of course she's almost 9. Corban is going on 6, and while I can barely get a kiss out of him...he's by far my most affectionate child. He will tell me 1000 times a day he loves me, lay his head on my shoulder, and hug me. The other two, they're almost like best friends. They will give me hug and kiss and "love you mom" before bed and when I leave in the morning. I love my kids. I really couldn't live without them.
Which reminds me .. my days with my kids are not guaranteed. But it feels like even less so with Corban.
Y'all ... we have GOT to cure CF. I cannot bear losing any of my children. Please go to our website and donate if you can. Without donations we'll never get the cure. The CF Foundation gets no federal funding. No help.
Please help.

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