April 11, 2013

I found a lump..

Okay okay I know its not CF Related but CF doesn't encompass my life. I'm also a wife, a daughter, an employee, a friend.
Let me give you a little back story. In June 2012 I had a total hysterectomy. While it's referred to as "total" that merely means that my cervix was taken as well. I have one ovary. I do not take hormone replacement therapy. I LOVE my hysterectomy. There's certainly something to be said for KNOWING that you won't randomly begin bleeding like a stuck pig. Therefore I could deduce two things. I was not on or near my period, nor am I possibly pregnant.
I had noticed a tender spot one morning as I got dressed and really thought nothing of it. Until a few days later it was accompanied by a lump. I had mg husband verify I wasn't crazy. It was there. Lucky for me I was able to get in to my Dr the next afternoon. She looked, prodded, determined there was no infection and because I'm not nursing it wasn't a clogged duct. She scheduled me with an imaging office. That was today.
Now. I know that breast cancer has a history in my family. I know for sure that my grandmother had it when I was about 10 or so. So my alarms were going off to say the least. Something else I had to consider, I was blessed in this area. A little too much. I prayed about it, fretted about it and then basically just let go. If it was, it was. If not, even better.
I arrived at the clinic in my typical fashion. Running behind. They got me in quick, did the ultrasound and that was that. I learned that mammograms are not done on women under 30.
I also learned that at the moment and hopefully forever...I do NOT have any markers of breast cancer. However I should keep an eye on this "lump" that was diagnosed as "dense glandular tissue" and see my doctor should anything change or anyone else in my family be diagnosed with breast cancer. To say the least it was a relief. However, it did open my eyes.
Ladies, please do your self-exams. Please don't be afraid to look silly if you find something. The peace of mind is more than that feeling.  I don't want to diminish in any way the fact that cancer is very real. I definitely have a different sense of admiration for anyone who has gone through this or is currently going through treatment for breast cancer. You are my heroes.

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  1. I have had several lumps and scares--starting as a teenager. It definitely puts things into perspective. I've been having regular mammograms for the last several years and have had to have some "redone" because something looked suspicious. It sets the wheels in motion!! So glad that your news was good!!