March 14, 2013


Anyone who has followed me long enough, has probably noticed posts disappearing and the general look reforming.
I want to take this moment to let you in on my secret. I have decided to switch gears. This blog has always been more about my selfish rants, than about anything in particular. I could be doing so much more. So I'm going to gear this blog from now on to a collection of life as a Mother. A mom of 3, who battles not only 3 kids, but CF and a spouse who battles his own addiction.

With that being said...I'd like to reach out a little bit. I would like to do a couple of things.
  • A Q&A, with you asking, and me answering.
  • Tell me something you would like to know about Cystic Fibrosis
  • Anything else you'd like to see me write about.

Ready. Set. GO!

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