March 15, 2013

Quest to Kindergarten

In my quest to ensure that my baby boy goes to Kindergarten next year, I downloaded a few apps onto my iPod. I don't have an iPad but a friend suggested that I could use my iPod for the same thing. 
Corban is lacking the skills to move on to Kindergarten from Pre-Kindergarten in the fall. He will be 6 in October. Not being able to move on with the rest of his class mates could be quite the blow to his self esteem, which sometimes lacks as it is. He has to be able to rhyme, currently he can only guess a couple if he's lucky. He has to be able to name all the letters in the alphabet. He can't even name all of the letters in his first name.  He needs to understand alliteration which also falls into rhyming. Currently, he is unable to do that, as well.
One thing about CF is that it requires treatment time. That takes about 30-45 minutes for one session. So, I set him up to multitask. The downside? The iPod sounds like poo, since it was dropped and display fell apart. My husband had it fixed for me for Christmas, but the people didn't do it correctly, so the speakers sound muffled. Secondary to this...the vest is LOUD and you're running a nebulizer. I may need to invest in some headphones for him. But, long story short...I will send my little boy to kindergarten this year.
Corban is my first boy. When my daughter was in school, she flew through like a breeze, and she still does wonderfully. She reads almost 2 full grades above her current grade. She is picking up math skills, and just all around doing great. I guess I had built myself up to thinking that my son would be the same way. Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration..not only is he a he; but he is my son....and his father's son..and that combination creates this wonderfully stubborn little boy, who has the ability to be as difficult as trying to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube that has had no cap for quite some time. This has definitely been something a little against us this year. 
With any luck, this will work. Otherwise, I may enlist other troops to get it done. I heard somewhere "raising a child takes a village." Raising a child with Cystic Fibrosis, and my going to take an ARMY.

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