March 24, 2013

Oh the sounds... of music?

One of the things about Cystic Fibrosis that really pancreatic insufficiency. Corban needs enzymes. Today..we had a catastrophe.
After church, was the girls' tea party. We had our niece and nephew, and my daughter's half sister. Corban and my nephew went with my mother after church. Now, generally we have a stash of enzymes at any place where Corban spends a good amount of time. For those...just in case moments. Mom did have a stash. However, said stash had been depleted more than we knew.
By the time that the tea party was over and I got out there to pick him up, he had announced he was starving and eaten all the fruit he could stand. (Enzymes not required) Well he apparently just could NOT wait to eat the chili and was served a bowl without enzymes.
Now - before you chastise me... yes. He's 5. Yes there were adults present, and yes..someone could have said okay we need to resolve this. That fact is behind us as it has already happened and nobody can change it.
Corban didn't eat all of the chili...and quickly made it known that he didn't have enzymes. Under normal circumstances where he'd gotten them he would of course get gas. The difference is...the smell.

I am surrounded by testosterone. There are 3 males in my home. Gas is not abnormal. Neither is hysterically laughing about said gas. Especially not with Corban. I promise you that it is not. The chili must have been fairly fat free because the ensuing tummy ache we just knew we'd deal with.. never happened. We did experience what Corban calls his "special music". Which is not very pretty. One started tooting... and the other followed suit. A couple hours later it is now a trio with my husband 'playing' along.
The thing about a CF STINKS. He has made the house smell horrible. And as I walk by his bedroom... wow. Plug your nose.
The lesson here...maybe Corban should carry a med-pack for those just in case moments, and perhaps an air freshener.

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