March 12, 2013

Cystic Fibrosis and How YOU can help!

Hey y'all. Great news, our clinic visit on Friday went well. Corban is up 3 lbs, and grown an inch. I got the call this morning that he grew Staph. This is normal for the last year. If he has an exacerbation, we'll get antibiotics, but he's doing GREAT!
So, that being said...not everyone is as lucky as we are. There are parents out there waiting for new lungs, waiting for test results, sitting by their child's bedside as they lose this battle. The ONLY way to stop this is with YOUR HELP!
Oh, and you can prevent me from looking like an idiot at the walk on May 4th. Click here to donate to our team, and prevent glittery hair, moomoos, pig tails, or that horrendous rainbow mohawk!!!
Non-Stop Mom: Do you really want me to look like an idiot? Here's your chance.

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