June 27, 2011

the rest of the story...

Well, looks like I forgot to get the update written for Corban. He was sent home on Saturday with no specific orders. By Monday morning we were on our way to Kansas City. I called his CF team and they wasted no time in telling me to bring him in. Laura forewarned me that we were probably going to be admitted. So I drop the other two kiddos off with my mom, call my husband and let him know, and off we go. We get there and not even like 4 minutes after checking into the clinic Laura says, you already have a room. I was sad. But glad to get my baby boy help. He spent over night at the best hospital I've EVER spent time in. That was quite the experience. Anyway...
The official diagnosis was Distal Intestinal Obstructive Syndrome. (DIOS) This is pretty much a cf related problem. Essentially he was constipated, without being constipated. It was a miserably stinky night. :) But the next day, he was feeling better! He will have to have miralax once a day at least for the rest of his life, because of the cf...(yay....another medicine....can you hear my excitement?) But if it keeps him healthy...then okay.
Tonight...I'm sitting here thinking about bed, but have to wait for a while.
Matt found out today that his hand is broken. 4th and 5th metacarpals are broken at the joint in his wrist...No wonder his hand was bruised, and swollen. Poor guy. When he finally gets home I'll find out what they did. Whether they cast it up, or just put a splint on it. The only way to compare it is to think of a Rubber Glove that's been blown up and colored purple. LOL, I feel bad for him. It's always his right hand.
Here's hoping my tummy calms down, and I can relax. Kids are all asleep. 2/3 in their beds. Mommy bathed, and in jammies, just waiting for my tummy to settle so I can sleep..at some point. :( Just hope that it happens quickly. Thank goodness for cooler weather!!!!!

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