June 18, 2011

Our stint in the hospital...again.

Every year, at some point Corban goes to the hospital... whether it's for an injury, or a week long stay, it has happened for the last 4 years.When he was 9 months old, he spent Mother's Day in the hospital for sa pneumonia. Then in 2009, pneumonia again. This time we went home with a Pic Line. 2010 was a cut on his head, and 2011....stomach pain. This time there was no answer. Honestly they didn't do anything for him. I have probably done more for him here at home than they did at the hospital.
Initially, they sang the song of Appendicitis. Made a big huge deal about it, Cat scan was in our future, he was transported by ambulance to Wesley Medical Center, at like 10 pm at night. He was treated like he was having a major problem. This morning.....the sang a completely different tune. The surgeon came in and said there is no appendicitis, there's no reason to operate, nothing. Now, I was thankful to hear no operation was necessary. However, come 11:30 this afternoon when it started happening again.....I wished they would find SOMETHING just so we knew. Something they could fix, something to give us a reason as to why my baby boy was in so much pain. Fast forward 8 hours later, he's lying on the floor of Dollar General because his belly hurts. (Gas meds I hope will help...allergy meds I hope to help his nose,  and a robot because the poor baby got stabbed in his hand TWICE.) Rylan spent his first night away from me last night. Today he's been a little clingy, but not too bad. I think his clingy-ness right now is tired. Mommy's tired too. Sleeping in a hospital bed, with a kiddo who feels like poo, NOT fun. :(

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  1. I hate when they can't figure anything out, but on the bright side, that *generally* means that it isn't anything to worry about (you know what I mean). Maybe he just ate something that really boogered up his stomach and after he poops a couple more times, he'll be fine.

    Hang in there....*hugs*