September 18, 2012

2 Years Already?

Has is really been two years already? It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Rylan, and just waiting for him to decide he was ready to meet his family. He turned 2 today. Looking's been such a joyous ride. He is such a character, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I told this story last year reflecting upon his first year of life. When I think about the way I described him then, not much has changed. He still has his cheezy little grin, which now is hilarious and full of teeth. He walks, runs, dances, does summer saults that typically end up sideways, and tries to jump. He is a chatterbox, but he's funny. Above all of that, he is STILL my little snuggle bug. He still picks fights with his brother and sister, just to see what happens. He's now about 33 pounds, and probably cutting close to 3 foot tall, his shoes are just about the same size as his 5 year old brother. I have an inclination to say he's most definitely going to be my football player, and he is most definitely already my daredevil. Sometimes I think he has no fear.
So today, at 6:41, my 8 lb 21 inch baby boy is 2. and is now 33 lbs and we call him the monster, because he's a big boy. I sure love him. I love all of my children. Rylan is the last baby I will ever have. I am soaking in everything. I am trying to enjoy him, to the fullest extent while I can, because I know before long he will no longer be my little baby, he'll be a big boy. Just like Corban, all grown up and going to school, asking for birthday parties and riding his bike. And then someday...they'll be grown up, and move out, and have families of their own.
So with all of that being said....

you won't be this little again...

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