August 7, 2013

How YOU Doin'?

My goodness, I wait way too long to write these. And it's getting more difficult since our computer crashed. So how are y'all? I don't have many followers but I tried to stick with SOMETHING in life.
Welcome to August. This month in our state is generally hot, humid and disgusting. This year...try hot, humid and very wet. My hometown has closed their gates and parts of it are under water. It doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon, as we're on track for rain for yet another 6 days at least. We have been in a drought, our local lake went from 67% capacity and a water emergency in a nearby city, to nearly 98% in a week or so. We are certainly grateful for the rain, but the must smell, humidity and standing water are all concerns for those of us in the CF Community.
I was taught as a child when you smell THAT smell..the musty spells mold. Humidity creates lung pressure. And standing water..well, bacteria and bugs love it. I am not going to complain. Mother nature has years worth of dryness to make up for, but EVERYONE is paying for it.
Our school year begins in 7 days. Yes. That is me dancing, whooping, and hollering. I am so excited for school this year. Not only has my second baby made it to kindergarten, but he can stop begging me to go to after school programs with his sister. He can stop asking why he doesn't eat lunch at school. I also know that life will get a little more regulated now. Not that it can ever be 100%, but I'm willing to accept 50-75%. My nearing 3 and will soon start his own journey to kindergarten. I also have a 4th grader...and that means 2 years left and she's in middle school. I may shed a tear when that day comes.
Now. Our CF drama. We went for our 3 month check up at the end of July. Corban lost weight. While not much, merely 3 ounces, that can be detrimental to someone who is already struggling to keep those pounds. So we're packing on the fat. Not easy for Mom, who is struggling with weight herself. His PFT's dropped a smidge. 4%. This could easily be related to him learning the technique, and being a little stubborn. His blood work all came back great. Vitamin levels are holding, liver enzymes are good, blood glucose is good. His sputum culture, which was actually more like a throat culture came back with normal flora and some Staphylococcus which for Corban is normal. He has developed another polyp in his nose. It's obstructive to his airway in his nostril. We had a sinus surgery done in March 2012, to remove his tonsils/adenoids/polyps and clean out his sinus' because of what we refer to as "CF disease". Which is really just thick, sticky mucus. He had the size of a nickel worth of air in his sinuses then. We have our follow up CF Clinic in September and coordinated an ENT visit with it. That will determine if we do surgery again, or if we can wait a while. Prayers are certainly appreciated there.
Being the mother of not only 3 children, but one with Cystic Fibrosis is stressful. Add school, work, extra curricular activities, a full time job, and marriage and I fear I'm going grey.
Y'all stay dry, and above water. I have a two year old who needs reminded what "Goodnight Moon" is about.

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